CO2 compensation in the Netherlands with trees

The topic of CO2 compensation is becoming more and more wide-spread. People all over the developed world are concerned with their carbon footprints. More and more people are consciously choosing for environmentally-friendly means of travel. Even when flying, many Europeans choose for environmentally-friendly airlines, or compensate their CO2 emissions individually. Various independent organizations and foundations exist for this purpose.

What do they do?

Most of such organizations focus primarily on planting trees. Some, however, also provide services on, for example, water cleaning or green energy systems installations. The latter usually happens in the less-developed areas of the world, supporting the local populations.

Planting trees or contributing to various anti-deforestation programs remain, however, the most popular concerns of such organizations. This can be easily explained by the fact that people are always more fond of direct solutions. We all like easy explanations and we all know that trees store CO2 and produce oxygen. Therefore, the most direct way to compensate the CO2 emission caused by your flight to Bahamas – is to plant some trees. Taking into account the fact that deforestation is currently a very big problem, especially in South America and Africa, this approach seems to work out just fine.

The tropics

Trees for all.

Naturally, most of the people are too busy to go plant trees after every one of their flights. And the more they fly – the more busy they are. Moreover, in small densely-populated countries, like the Netherlands, it might not always be easy to find a place where planting a tree is allowed. You can, of course, always do it in your backyard. But if you fly more often than once per ten years and don’t plan on moving too much – your space is very limited.

Rather than wildly searching for an appropriate location you can simply donate some money to one of multiple organizations that will do the job for you. What’s even more important – they will do in an area where those trees are badly needed. The Netherlands is already quite green after all. Trees for all is one of such organizations. They provide several options of CO2 compensation. You can either donate some money for planting a tree, compensate CO2 emission of your flight, you simply donate to one of their sustainable forest projects. You can also register for a monthly donation.

Plant a tree

Currently 15 billion trees are disappearing from the face of our planet every year! Since the beginning of the industrial revolution the total amount of trees on Earth has decreased by almost 50%. Various forest restoration organizations are already working hard to minimize this horrifying tendency. However, only about one third of all cut trees are being re-planted. In such a way the world is still losing around 10 billion trees per year.

Trees for all is focusing on planting trees in Bolivia and Uganda. They have several sustainable forest projects in these countries. A $5-donation will support planting of one tree via one of these projects. If you would prefer to plant a tree in the Netherlands – that’s also an option. For a $10 donation you can contribute to planting two trees – one in the Netherlands, and one in the tropics. You can read more about the available options on their website. Dutch site plants trees for every sold piece of furniture and has a second hand market place, called

More information about CO2 compensation with planting trees.

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